A sustainable surf shop for the modern surfer woman...

Indigo and Salt.

It's a she slider collective.

And it's exclusively for women. 

A place where ocean-loving women come together to find beauty, sustainability and performance.  Indigo and Salt celebrates us as women and completes our love of everything surf, sea and sand. 

We pride ourselves on stocking unique feminine pieces with timeless appeal yet strong enough to withstand the heaviest of swell and are made to last longer than one season.  We source the most environmentally conscious accessories.  We focus on sustainability.  We ship to you plastic free and we also guarantee there's no palm oil in anything we stock.

We hope you love our all women's sustainable surf store... 

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Why you love us.....

“This suit is one of my faves! Check out Indigo+ Salt. Seriously, everything they have is incredible. This suit is one of the best quality items I own. I don't think it’s ever going to wear out.” - @yoginisurferkate

 “When orders come wrapped like this so it really feels like a gift to yourself! Thank you Indigo+Salt!” - @stevieleeginger

 “Soooo in love with my new surfsuit from Indigo+Salt! The quality is so good, the suit I bought is fully lined and the style of it is so different to anything else on the market.” – Louise..

"Thanks for having such great customer service!" - Christina..