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Indigo and Salt is a surf store for the modern woman

We are born from a desire for a healthier planet filled with healthier oceans, cleaner waves and happier people.

Welcome to a place where water-women come together to find beauty, sustainability and performance.  

We are a plastic free, palm oil free, toxin free store.  By choosing to shop with us you are directly reducing your plastic footprint in our oceans and right across our planet, saying no to deforestation and extinction and saying yes to slower fashion and fair working conditions for all. 


Why surf?

As surfers (aka humans) we all know, the ocean has endless benefits. It renews our soul by washing away any bad mood, last weekend’s horrendous hangover and (not so beneficially) the occasional bikini top - but did you also know about the rad health benefits that come with surfing?

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Five ways to GREEN your surf

“The Hawaiians surfed on wood. The Peruvians surfed on reed. We surf on plastic.” – Veit Juergens

The surf industry is not a green one.  Our stoke after a surf hides the fact that the industry is built on plastic and chemicals.  Petrochemicals.

Let's talk about the sustainable things happening in the surf industry and simple swaps you can make to “GREEN YOUR SURF.” 

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Reducing fashion's footprint

Once upon a time the only swimwear that was biodegradable was a crochet cotton bikini.  Technology and demand are pushing for change in the way swimwear is manufactured.

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Indigo and Salt + Sea Together Mag Girls Night Out

Flashback to pre-Covid and to a fabulous night where one hundred women from all corners of the south coast gathered together for a night under the stars to celebrate life, laughter, friendship and women’s surfing. Hosted by Indigo and Salt in conjunction with Sea Together Magazine for the Australian launch of their second issue, the evening was amazing! As Shelly Fitzpatrick filled the air with her beautiful voice and guitar, the huge half moon shone down on us and she smiled.

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"An Indigo girl is the girl next door; a lover of life; a woman with an environmental conscience; a lover of the ocean and our planet; a woman who loves womanhood; who supports, nurtures and encourages women and who believes in the power of the feminine."

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