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About our Biodegradable Fabrics

A world first!

Brazilian company Fulgar, have come up with an amazing new fibre, Amni Soul Eco®

There is a huge environmental toll created by one billion fashion items discarded into landfills around the world every year, not to mention the enormous amount of fabric scraps discarded by the fashion industry into landfills.  Amni Soul Eco® has been a game changer. The creation of this fibre has led to the world's first biodegradable activewear fabrics.

Soft, delicate, easy to care for, comfortable and breathable... yet amazingly sturdy and robust! This fabrics created with these fibres are long lasting with everyday use.  They are beautiful fabrics that provides beautiful feel of support.  These fibres will only break down in a landfill environment with the correct bacteria and free from oxygen, taking just five years.  Therefore, your everyday use will not start this process.  These garments have the same life span as other non sustainable items.  I actually think, with care, that they last longer!  It's awesome to know though that when you no longer have a use for them, the end of life toll on the planet is so minimal.  

We like to call it "responsible fashion."

This fabric technology is just going to get better and better with support from consumers.  We believe it is the way toward an ethical, responsible future. 

We love this fabric so much that we even teamed up with Salstore to use this for our very first collaboration collection.  All these high quality, quick drying garments are designed for land and sea.  

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