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Is Indigo and Salt green?

At Indigo and Salt, we look far and wide to bring you the best collection of surf and swim wear that we can collate.  We believe in quality over quantity therefore we buy small so that you will always have a limited edition piece.  You'll find that all the products we sell are superior to most large surf brands both in fit and in manufacturing standards and ethics.  Know that with every purchase, you are supporting small businesses who are making every effort to create change by pushing limits, ethics and providing alternative products to their customers....   

That's you and me.

Here at Indigo and Salt, we are proud of the indie suppliers we have collated together through our store.  We are so aware of the current world we live in and of those who are making a stand in preserving it.  We have looked for femininity, performance in the water and sustainability where available.  It's still early days in the movement towards surfing sustainability and we are very excited to be supporting many designers and brands who choose to continually seek ways to be greener.

And we are encouraging it.

There is a real movement in consciousness and it's great. There is so much at stake.  We as surfers, mothers and ocean lovers, are aware of the troubles this planet faces. Our oceans are really at a crisis point, plastic is suffocating our earth, and our rainforests are disappearing before our eyes.  Orang-utans are suffering every day at the hands of the palm oil industry.  Before too long, there won't be much of a planet left to leave our children.

Indigo + Salt has one main goal; to be honest and ethical.  We will always remain 100% transparent.  

We choose to tread lightly on this earth and to leave only footprints.  Therefore, our store is palm oil free and we are doing our damnedest to be plastic free.

We all know the devastation that plastic is having on our planet and our oceans but did you know there's a far greater threat to our marine animals and that is discarded ghost fishing nets? Nets, long lines, fish traps or any man made contraptions designed to catch fish or marine organisms are considered capable of ghost fishing when discarded at sea and they have the potential to continue "fishing" for many decades if not centuries.

Therefore we look far and wide for gear made from recycled nylon. Most notably brands using quality regenerated fibres made by Econyl® and Reprieve®.... And we are finding many more small designers are using it.

By buying recycled nylon where we can, we are supporting the removal and recycling of ghost fishing nets from our oceans and beaches. Recycled nylon is a far superior product to virgin made nylon, costing you, the consumer, less in the long-term as your gear has a much longer lifespan.  Not all the surfwear that we stock is made from recycled nylon or earth-friendly neoprene…. Yet….  But in time and with enough support and money anything is possible.  It's about all of us supporting our smaller brands and encouraging alternatives.

There are a lot of questions currently about whether recycled nylon is sustainable.  Our stance is this.. If a product can be regenerated from a waste that is currently sitting polluting our planet then we believe the process is much more worthy of supporting than that of manufacturing new nylon fibres and additional waste.  Unfortunately there is currently no better product on the earth for swimwear and surfwear than nylon.  Nylon is a very stable product that has the ability to be regenerated indefinitely.  If we as consumers can push for it to become a circular economy, then I will support it wholeheartedly!

Until then, we recommend hand washing all your lycra items to prolong their life and also to keep microfibres out of our waterways.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that your order will arrive free from any single use plastic.  You will never find palm oil in the surf waxes, sunscreens and beauty products that we stock, nor petrochemicals or toxins.  We encourage our suppliers to use either no plastic, alternatives to plastic and/or ensure that any plastic used in their packaging is recycled.  We do not use plastic carry bags.  We support RedCycle by recycling all single use plastic that may slip through the cracks.  All our orders are shipped in cardboard satchels, not plastic, with regular mail services, therefore reducing carbon miles. We support Terracycle and Recycle in Australia with the recycling of any Australia Post used satchels that may, and do, pass through our office.  (What is it with Australia Post's Express Post and plastic satchels??  Not many people know they can Express Post a regular cardboard satchel too...)

It's all about little changes and together we can make a difference.

We use 100% recycled office paper and encourage green power and carbon offsets.  

We have five fabulous charities that we support.  

These are five charities we have hand-chosen after having experienced first hand what they achieve!   You can help us to help them by choosing at checkout where you would like us to donate $1 from the sale of your order.  

We are trying...



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