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"An Indigo girl : the girl next door, a lover of life, a woman with an environmental conscience, a lover of the ocean, a woman who loves womanhood, who supports, nurtures and encourages women and who believes in the power of the feminine."


Hi and welcome to our Indigo and Salt - an all women's sustainable online surf store for all women around the globe, and it is run by me from my kitchen.  

My name is Sarah.  I am a surfer, a mother of one and a lifetime environmentalist.  Sustainability, human health and the health of our planet has always be so important to me in my personal life that it just makes sense that this carries over into my business too.

Indigo and Salt was born from a desire for change.

As surfers and ocean lovers, we long for the pristine wilderness of the ocean, yet most are unknowingly poisoning it every time we enter it.  The surf industry has such a huge petrochemical footprint. From surfwear to wetsuits... Sunscreens to legropes and waxes.  Every single mainstream item created for surfing has been created from petrochemicals.  

Shock.. Horror I hear you say!  

Well, there are alternatives and that is what Indigo and Salt is about.  Here you'll find a collective of gorgeous indie labels slowing everything down and choosing sustainability over fast fashion.  Many of them women and all of them small people like you and me doing their bit for our health, our ocean's health and the health of our planet.  You can trust that what you find in our store is either a) sustainable, b) ethical, c) slow fashion or mostly d) all of the above.  Our entire store is single use plastic free and 100% palm oil free.  Guaranteed.

Indigo and Salt is a proud supporter of women.  We love to support the feminine.  I truly believe that the vulnerability we hold as women is our strength.  Unless you've been hiding in a box, you'll feel too that the women's movement around the world is inspirational.  No more strongly is it alive and kicking than in the surf.  Women of all ages.  From 10 year old groms, surfing mums like me, to 60+ year old matriarchs. And every one of them is just stoked to be sharing the same space.  In the same time.  In the moment.  Now is our time. 

Indigo and Salt is a bringing together of likeminded women, a community to inspire, to feel inspired, to nurture and a space where spirituality can grow.  It's a push for sustainability and awareness in a very corporate world.  It's a push for a cleaner world.  A plastic-free and responsible world.  A slower world.  It's a push for belief in women.  It's a hope for a more feminine world.

It's our community.  

You don't have to be a surfer to benefit from this store.  Whether you kiteboard, wakeboard, waterski, dive, snorkel, swim laps or even just laze on the sand, Indigo and Salt is for you.  2019 has seen us launch into winter sports with the introduction of Niche snowboards into our store.  I am super excited to see what the future has for sustainability in all genres of womens sport.

You can contact us at or come join our seasisters tribe by subscribing to our mailing list below and you'll get 10% off your first order.   Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram at @indigoandsalt.  We have a pretty sweet feed if I say so myself! You'll find the links at the bottom of most pages.  

We also run seasonal pop up stores in our local Illawarra community.  If you're keen to come try something on outside of these, just get in touch to arrange a time!  The kettle is always on...

I look forward to you joining our tribe, loving wearing our gear and helping us to push sustainability in the surf industry.  

With love,




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