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image of Kate Duncan by Fiona Peters


Indigo + Salt is an all women's sustainable online surf store for ocean-women around the globe....

The women's movement around the world is inspirational.  No more strongly is it alive and kicking than in the surf.  Women of all ages.  From 10 year old groms, surfing mums, to 60+ year old matriarchs. And every one of them is just stoked to be sharing the same space.  In the same time.  In the moment. 

But you don't have to be a surfer to benefit from our store.  Whether you kiteboard, wakeboard, waterski, dive, snorkel, swim laps or even just laze on the sand, Indigo + Salt is for you.

Indigo + Salt is a bringing together of likeminded women, a space to feel inspired, nurtured and a space where spirituality can grow.  It's a push for sustainability and awareness and a place for change to happen.  It's a push for a cleaner world.  A plastic free responsible world.  It's a community.  It's our community.

You can contact us at and come join our seasisters tribe on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram at @indigoandsalt.  You'll find the links at the bottom of most pages. 

We look forward to you joining our tribe.  xx


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