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We wouldn't be an ethical nor sustainable business if we didn't choose to give back to this beautiful planet we call home.  For us it's a no brainer.

During 2017 - 2019, Indigo and Salt chose to support five fantastic charities spreading our love across very different and very worthwhile causes.  All these charities were chosen for

a) their cause,
b) their authenticity, and
c) the fact that they are run by everyday people like you and me and not therefore able to afford the massive marketing profiles that larger charities hold.


We did this by donating AU$1 from every order purchased.  We also believed that donation should be to a charity that reflected you, our customer.  We therefore asked you to nominate your choice of charity as you finalised your purchase.


postive change for marine life, indigo and Salt, charity, donation, donate"Clean up of our oceans" - Positive Change for Marine Life

Based out of beautiful Byron Bay, Positive Change for Marine Life was founded in 2012. Their work focuses on creating and setting up conservation strategies in regions around the world where pollution, over-fishing, poor decision making and a lack of infrastructure are taking their toll on ocean and river ecosystems.  Most of these regions are in third world countries although PCFML are also very active in our first world communities too.  Positive Change for Marine Life achieves this by working closely with local populations to provide long-term opportunities which benefit the ocean, as in reducing the reliance on plastic within these communities, promoting sustainable fishing practices and providing education for a better future for all.

Oceans and People.

Read more about PCFML here....


love mercy, foundation, womens surf,  indigo and Salt, charity, donation, donate"Empowering Women in Northern Uganda" - Love Mercy Foundation

A chance meeting between Julius Achon, Caitlin Barrett and Eloise Wellings changed all of their lives.  At the time Julius, a former child solider, had just adopted 11 Ugandan orphans that he had found living under a bus.  From early beginnings of Caitlin and Eloise raising money here in Australia to help Julius educate and feed these children, Love Mercy Foundation was founded and now due to its highly successful "Cents for Seeds" program, 13,800 Northern Ugandan women have had the opportunity to become entrepreneurs.  The recent droughts in Africa have created a new focus for Love Mercy and that is to climate proof their programs. They have also set up a hospital to provide vital female healthcare and safe maternity practices within the local communties.  They hope to help 20,000 women by 2020 and then push into other parts of Africa. 

We caught up with our dear friend Caitlin Barrett, the CEO of Love Mercy Foundation recently in the surf and shared a few waves... Here's what she had to say.

Read more about Love Mercy Foundation here...


WECare, worldwide, sri lanka, dogs, street dog,  indigo and Salt, charity, donation, donate, womens surf"Healthcare and homes for Sri Lanka's Street Dogs" - WECare Worldwide

Based in Dikwella on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, WECare Worldwide are improving the lives of Sri Lanka's street dogs through a Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release Program. The lucky dogs are vaccinated against rabies which in turn helps both their health and that of the community.  WECare work tirelessly to educate the local community on the joy of adopting a pet into the family home therefore reducing the amount of animals who live as strays on the streets.  Their small team of vets and nurses have performed the most amazing of miracles on the many sick and injured animals that have come through their care and they do so on a shoestring budget.  After seeing what they are capable of firsthand, I feel blessed to be able to support such a cause.

Read more about WECare Worldwide here... 


ipswich, koala, protection, society, wild koala, extinction, queensland,  indigo and Salt, charity, donation, donate, womens surf"Help save Australia's Wild Koalas from extinction" - Ipswich Koala Protection Society

Australia's wild koalas are currently facing extinction at a rapid rate.  Australia's rapidly growing population and our ongoing high demand for new housing in our east coast communities is the main cause.  Unfortunately it is a myth that koalas live all over Australia.  Most of their populations are on the eastern side of the Great Diving Range where most of our population also chooses to live.  The greatest killers of our wild koalas are habitat loss, dog attacks, car hits and diseases brought on by stress.  When their forests are cut down, they die pretty quickly.  I (Sarah) volunteered for many years at a koala hospital in Brisbane's west which is where I first came across IKPS.  IKPS are a small group of dedicated wildlife carers who have, after many years of being called out to traumatic wildlife rescues, raised enough money through their local community to provide themselves with two koala ambulances and a permanent emergency wildlife clinic with one 24/7 vet.  The work they do in the community raising awareness in the plight of the koala, the education they provide to local governments and the support they provide for many other wildlife groups and centres is outstanding.

Read more about Ipswich Koala Protection Society here...


orangutan, orang, utan, the orangutan project, palm oil, say no, womens surf, palm oil free, store, shop,  indigo and Salt, charity, donation, donate"Say NO to palm oil" - The Orangutan Project

This is by far the largest charity we support but this one is a no brainer really.  The clearing of original old growth rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia for the palm oil industry has had a massive impact on our planet and for the livelihood of the people and the animals that called those forests home. Palm oil is used in everything from snack foods to soaps. It is found in over half all packaged items on our supermarket shelves.

Indonesia is home to some of the most rich and biodiverse rainforest in the world.  Orang-utans (Orang - person + Hutan - forest = "person of the forest"), the great red apes of Indonesia and Malaysia, are among the most intelligent non-human primates, sharing 97% of our DNA sequence.  As I write, Borneo and Sumatra are the last two places where you will find orang-utans in the wild and Borneo and Sumatra are the two islands that account for 96% of Indonesia’s palm oil production.   Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining carbon rich forest is being ploughed to the ground and burned across South East Asia to make way for palm oil plantations and meaning a loss of over 6,000 orang-utans a year.  Not to mention the elephants, tigers and other animals that call these forests home.  This is why Indigo and Salt is a palm oil free store.

Read more about The Orangutan Project here...


For all of 2020, we have decided change this a little and to put ALL our donations towards rebuilding our Australian wildlife and forest after our recent "wild" bushfires.

We will be donating $1 from every single order exclusively where it is needed most.  From koala hospitals, to wildlife carers, tree planting programs and important breeding programs for regeneration of species, you can be assured your donation will end up where it is most needed.  

Please keep in touch with us through social media to see where your money goes.











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