3mm Full Suit Wetsuit


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Looking for a more sustainable wetsuit?  Meet Kassia+Surf.

Made from sustainably mined limestone neoprene and internally lined with beautifully warm heat lining inside the torso, this 3mm full length wetsuit will keep you warm on the coldest of days! With a high neck and back zip you'll find this suit to be super soft and comfortably warm.  This 3mm Full Suit Wetsuit, designed by Kassia Meador, is a well fitting suit that will have you forgetting you're even wearing a wettie!

Choose from Rust or Sky Blue detailing.


  • 3MM Premium, sustainably mined, natural limestone neoprene (more eco-friendly!)
  • Smoothie jersey V over chest and back to resist wind and retain body heat for combined maximum warmth and flexibility
  • Fabric kneepads for maximum durability and movement
  • Thermal heat lining on torso for extra warmth
  • Back zipper for easy entry
  • Two neck flap enclosures to keep cold water from flushing the neck of your suit
  • Double blind stitch, taped and glued seams
  • Stash zip pocket on left arm for key, money, wax etc.

Please note that KASSIA+SURF fabrics are custom dyed and patterns will vary. This adds to the uniqueness of each item.  It is not a defect.


    PLEASE NOTE:  This wetsuit will be shipped to you directly from Kassia+Surf and is therefore subject to stock available.

    Whilst we at Indigo and Salt pride ourselves on being a plastic free store, we will endeavour but cannot confirm that your order from Kassia+Surf will arrive plastic free.  

    Once purchased, Kassia+Surf conclude that all sales are final.  They will accept no returns.  Exchange requests will be reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis.  Contact them directly for more information.  

    We encourage you to use the size guide to determine your correct size to minimise any issues.  These suits run true to size.


    "Freedom, empowerment, and enlightenment." 

    Flashback and a young Californian born Kassia Meador has always loved to surf. At the age of 17, Kassia embarked on a near two decade career surfing the world as a competitively sponsored athlete, rising to 2nd on the WSL women's longboard tour and consequently, being labelled as the "Queen of Noseriding" by the New York Times. 

    After a brilliant 17 year career, Kassia Launched Kassia+Surf in 2013.

    Kassia+Surf is a brand focused on quality over quantity, pushing eco conscious and sustainable production and maximising performance functionality for women with all their gear designed by women for women.  Their wetsuits are of high quality and their neoprene is delightfully luxurious to wear.  Not to mention, beautifully unique.

    Kassia+Surf aim to raise awareness to the current health of our planet.  They aim to always lead by example.  The have created a wetsuit recycling program (yes...totally true!).  They repurpose their cuttings into new products and they regularly host local beach cleanups.  

    Kassia+Surf believe in supporting people and businesses who have the same ethics.

    Together, we can all make a difference!