Spicy Lady tee

Lemon Spicy

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Designed by Lemon Spicy, this loose fit limited edition organic cotton tee is a must have!  

For all the Spicy Ladies out there!


Lemon Spicy

Having grown up in the Netherlands, fashion designer Roos Van Woudenberg made the move to Australia a few years ago.  It was here that she started surfing, and it was in the water and immersed in nature that she met likeminded people who inspired her to start something that matters. With a career that spans working at H&M, Saba and Jag, Roos Van Woudenberg was so confronted with the excessive waste in the fashion industry and the consequences of mass production on nature and people. "It made me question who I want to be as a fashion designer and what I stand for."  Lemon Spicy was born.

Lemon Spicy is made from Econyl®, a regenerated fabric made from ghost fishing nets and old carpets.  Therefore this swimwear is more than a product.. It's a mission, and a movement anyone can join. Buy choosing sustainable you are choosing a cleaner future for our planet.