Sustainable Shortboard Legrope Leash

Smart Leash

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Smart leash's amazing ability to replace parts rather than replace an entire broken leash is the most amazing part of this product.  By buying one of these leashes and its replacement parts, you are minimising the landfill caused by throwaway broken leashes.


The small wave complete surf leash is perfect for small, fun and playful surf or competition surfing.

The medium wave complete surf leash is perfect for all round surf.

The large wave complete surf leash is perfect for serious surfing.

The leash offers: 

-Fixable design to cater for breakages 
-Urethane cord 
-double stainless steel swivels 
-premium strength hook and loop fastening (velcro) 
-premium lightweight neoprene ankle cuff 
-premium lightweight rail saver 
-3/32" hex grub screws for universal interchangeability 
-key pocket 
-white quick release pull tab 
-rail saver with fixed leash string (no more lost strings!)



Having travelled the world surfing, school teacher Daniel Thwaite came up with the idea of reusable leashes after becoming increasingly frustrated with the disposable mindset of the surf industry.  

Realising that broken leashes still contained many reusable parts, that, until now, ended up in landfill, he came up with a plan to make a leash that you could replace parts when they broke, minimising the entire leash going into landfill.  He designed his first range in early 2015.

He currently runs his business out of his garage in Ballina, NSW whilst still teaching part-time to help grow the business.