Aqua Bloom Onesie


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How gorgeous is this Aqua Bloom Onesie Surfsuit from SoultiSurf!  This backless surf suit is designed by women for women, by surfers for surfers.  Roadtested in Bali in all kinds of swell.  
  • Long sleeves for wind and sun protection
  • Body fully lined
  • Functional design for sporty women
  • An open back to make paddling a breeze
  • Seem-less stitching for a sleek design
  • Cheeky bottom cut
  • No zippers or fasteners
  • Hidden key attachment, to keep your room/bike key on hand while in the water
  • Eco surf suit 72% recycled Nylon

Sustainable techno-fabric made with Econyl® - 100% regenerated polyamide fiber from post-consumer materials. Made from recycled fishing nets



SoultiSurf's Maddison Rose says, "I remember buying a daring long sleeve onezie from a flea markets in indo. It was a bit out there for me but it was the only thing I could find that would cover my arms. I remember the first time I rocked the long sleeved onezie in the surf and a guy commented on it saying "that's your super hero suit and nothing can harm you in that!!" He completely changed my view on the outfit I was wearing. The next wave that rolled through I paddled hard and when I stood up, I felt like a superhero flying across the wave. I surfed with more confidence then I've ever had knowing that no wave or judgment could harm me while wearing my 'super hero suit'. I’ve spent years trying to fit in with the boys in the water, though truth of the matter is … we’re women. We have boobs and bums and we also have the same right as everyone else to be out in the water. So lets accentuate our womanly curves with funky prints, and be the confident women we are!" 

Using sustainable fabrics made from both regenerated nylon fishing nets and previously designed fabric offcuts and being hand sewn by a local man at his family home in Bali, Soultisurf is very conscious of the environment and of ethical and supportive production.  Having spent the last few years living in Bali, Maddison knows all too well the repercussions that waste is having on our planet and she hopes that SoultiSurf helps to turn the tide on consumer waste in the surf industry.