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SEASISTER SERIES - Roos Van Woudenberg

SEASISTER SERIES - Roos Van Woudenberg
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Roos Van Woudenberg is the woman behind the exciting new Australian label "Lemon Spicy."  After a very successful Indigogo crowd-funding campaign, she is currently in production mode ahead of the release of her first sustainable surf and swim range with her gear launching in November.

We first fell in love with Roos and Lemon Spicy many months ago through a post on Instagram and now Indigo+Salt are super excited to be one of her very first up-coming stockists!  

Lets meet Roos...

Who are you?

My name is Roos (pronounce Rose), I’m a 27yr old girl born in the Netherlands, and moved to Sydney 4 years ago.

Please tell us a little bit about you…

Where are you based? 

I have been living in Bondi Beach for the last 4 years, and am moving to the Sunshine Coast next month!

Where do you call home?

After four years in Australia I feel like this is now my true home, but when I go back to the Netherlands I still say 'I’m going back home'. It kinda feels like I have two homes now.

Do you surf?

Yes, as much as I can. I used to go every day before- and after work. Now I’ve started my own business I go during daytime when there is less of a crowd.

What led you to surfing/working in the surf industry?

I used to work at surf camps in France during my summer holidays which I loved. I didn’t really surf then (more so partying), but got to know the lifestyle. In the Netherlands I did a bit of kitesurfing, but only when I moved to Australia I got completely hooked to surfing. I was struggling finding swimwear that is suitable for water activities, eco-friendly, well made/designed and that looks good. This inspired me to develop my own sustainable swimwear line with the active ocean girl in mind. 

Why do you surf?

A few years ago I dealt with having anxiety which came very unexpected and really affected my daily life. Surfing has helped a lot with creating more headspace and being calm. Riding a wave, feeling the water sliding underneath you, breathing in the fresh air, it just makes you feel alive.

How does it enrich your life?

I’m a pretty impatient person in daily life and want to get everything done as quickly as possible. Whilst surfing, I’m the opposite, sometimes I can just sit there on my surfboard for ages and enjoy being there. I just feel so calm and relaxed. It helps me put everything that has to do with work, or things that are happening in my personal life, in perspective.

What makes your heart sing?

Waking up with birds singing, a blue sky, sunshine and waves! 

Where is your most favourite place that you've traveled to?

My friends and I go on a lot of camping trips down the south coast of Sydney. In the past few years I’ve been to some amazingly beautiful places, Australia keeps surprising me. I also loved New Zealand, which is so rugged and nature is incredible. A big plus are the perfect waves for me as a goofy footer ;) 

Favourite quote?

"Envision the future you desire, create the life of your dreams. See it, feel it, believe it."

Where do you see womens surfing in ten years?

Women are taking over! There are so many more girls surfing, it is so inspiring. Even in Bondi, 3 years ago it was just me and a couple of other girls out there, now there are days with more girls than guys. I hope womens surfing will become less sexualised and with more female pro-surfers standing out by being a role model in a different way than being sexy.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years time Lemon Spicy will be the name of the brand taking charge in making positive change for nature and people in many aspects, also outside of fashion. A part of Lemon Spicy’s profit will be kept aside to give young people in less fortunate countries the opportunity to surf, and let them experience what the ocean has to offer them. 

What future do you see re sustainability and environmental issues?

A great future in regards to sustainability! So many start-up brands are making the deliberate choice to start something that matters and choose better materials and more ethical ways of producing. I think that’s very positive and promising. We’ve still got a long journey ahead of us, but the initiatives are there. It feels like these companies are empowering each other instead of seeing each other as competition. In the end we all want to make this world a better, more sustainable place.


Look out for Lemon Spicy hitting our webstore in the next month or so and for Roos hitting our local breaks here on the South Coast...


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