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Hello Lucy

Hello Lucy
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Indigo girl : the girl next door, a lover of life, a woman with an environmental conscience, a lover of the ocean, a woman who loves womanhood, who supports, nurtures and encourages women and who believes in the power of the feminine.

It's always exciting when we introduce a new member of our crew and Lucy is no exception.  We are stoked to be surrounded by the most inspirational amazing girl crew.  The future is totally feminine!

Let's get to know Lucy!

Who are you? Hello, my name is Lucy!

Where are you based? I spread my time between Sydney (for work) and home in Caves Beach. I spend quite a bit of time interstate and NZ, so sometimes out of a suitcase would be a more appropriate answer!

Where do you call home? Home for me is in the little coastal suburb of Caves Beach, it’s about 130 odd km’s north of Sydney. The kind of place where everyone knows each other and the community vibe is strong.

Please tell us a little bit about you… Born and bred West Australian where the beaches are long and white and the sharks are a little more hungry. I passed through Melbourne for a few years and then found my way to Sydney (now Caves Beach). I’m a lover of water, trails, and sunrises. I have a mild addiction to haloumi and peanut butter. I prefer to be outdoors, and struggle to sit still for extended periods of time.



Do you surf?  I usually respond by saying ‘yes, I’m learning’ to which my boyfriend corrects me and says ‘yes she does’. Enjoying all that comes with adult learning in the process! 😊

Why do you surf? I’ve always loved the ocean but surfing has really been one of those things that provides a constant challenge whilst bringing about some sort of calmness that comes from getting salty.

How does it enrich your life? There is no doubt that the ocean has therapeutic effects, and surfing allows for a connection that I don’t think can be found any other way. It’s unique how it can test you, but also calm you.



What other hobbies? The list is rather varied but I have been known to ice-climb, skydive, and freedive. Some would say a risk-taker/ adrenaline seeker, but for me it’s about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It believe it’s where we are most vulnerable and where we grow most as humans.

What makes your heart sing? I won’t lie, haloumi is up there! But in all honesty, my heart is singing when I am sharing experiences with others. I recently paddled out with 2 friends with conditions that were less than ideal (catching probably one wave each), but…walking back up the beach it was nothing by smiles, we had a ball!

Where is your most favourite place that you've travelled to? I was fortunate to spend 3 weeks last year on Namotu Island in Fiji. It’s a slice of paradise that you can walk around in about 6 minutes (bit less in high tide). It’s the kind of place that your days revolve only around the tides (rather than clocks) and barefoot is the recommended footwear.                                                                                                                       

Favourite quote? Love a good quote! ‘If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got...’ – in other words, we have choices!



What’s the greatest thing you feel about women’s empowerment? I think that women constantly underestimate and undersell themselves. It’s a habit, and a bad one! We place unnecessary limitations on ourselves and ‘play it safe mentality’ often has us treading water (figuratively) in life. Women need to spend more time banding together and taking on challenging situations and experiences, getting vulnerable, and growing both collectively and individually.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? I’d say still living in our (with my beau Beau 😉) little coastal abode in Caves Beach with a couple of mini-humans and a his and hers board rack. I have a heap of little projects I’d love to say will be up and running, but at the least I’d like to say in 10 years I gave my passion projects a shot. Healthy and happy would be the goal!

What future do you see re sustainability and environmental issues? I recently read an article that discusses the underwhelming response by consumers, businesses and governments making proactive steps to avert climate change despite the ever growing evidence and it’s effects. The positive- that it is being discussed, and regularly. I think there are changes being made when it comes to plastics and sustainable sourcing of goods, but still some way to go. Another quote I like is ‘small changes eventually add up to huge results’, and should take it upon ourselves as individuals to make those small changes. It’s our obligation as human beings.




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